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Season 2017-2018

Season 2017-2018

The business is growing 14% year, more consultancy, survey and general service are required.

After 20 years business we had a top positive feed back. We still traveling a lot from Sweden where we survey the yacht of the Finalcial Manager of HR, Spain, Holland, Greece, France and Poland. We have been twice in Portugal finding new customer and new markets.

A day in the office (a rare moment)


The 2017 saw the delivery of a Grand Soleil 58 N°7 Bravura for an American customer where I was his surveyor together with the South African crew and the 2018 will see another Grans Soleil 58 N°11 for an Italian customer. A great opportunity to see the full boat process and built a good cruiser-racer and work with a young staff.

Bravusa Gs58 N°7

We have been involved in the project of the Vismara 100.The owner and the Captain and the Engineer require some extra help and some advices to follow this 33m carbon yacht. Not easy

Around the end of 2017 two yachts has been launched.

V 100 
The V 100 at Vismara yard in Viareggio and his boom


ONDANERA a Dix 43 (just in the hull) totally review by our design office and built in Rome in more than 4 years, according to the owner specification and requirement. The boat is a real offshore yacht with a modified bow and a simple interior open space for a couple.

Dix 43 OndaneraZerbinati-Dix 43 Ondanera

RoRo 33 is a modern 10m with advanced cockpit and aft sunbed, built in Aramat composite and sandwich sides. Its’ the typical med sport boat custom built.



Now, after 20 years business it’s time to see some boat on the used market. In some case the owner became older, most of them are over 70y.

This is the case of Francescana (now Sargo), the last Passoa 46 built by Garcia in 2006 is now for sale in USA and for the Wood 900 a Top of the Art day sailer launched in 2011.

                SY Argo                                 Wood 900                 

Its’ time to update the web page of the survey, more customers are coming and the boat are older and with more problem at the keel, chianplates and structural grid.

The 2017 has been a year full of claims and we had to assist several owner in Greece, Italy and Caribean after Irma passage.

A short excursion of our refitting package (Survey-Lamination and shipyard instruction- After repair survey)

A Cigale 16 beached in South of Sicily on April now under refitting
A Mylius 11E25 need a refitting
Oceanis 411 in Greece-Grouding
Dufour 405 GL in Naples-Grouding
Sun Odyssey 49 in Greec-Grouding
A Bavaria 44 e 49 in imperia-Grouding
A Sun Odyssey 32i grounding in Garda Lake
A Dufour 365 GL in Rome-Grouding
Reparation 44 French Aluminium boat in Sicily

Reparation aluminium yacht

Many projects on the way…

Sailing season will start soon and we point the Atlantic.

Aluaka Anchored in Elafonisos


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