The 2018 season concludes with two major “splash”:

The Grand Soleil 58 “Forever”


Grand Soleil 58


Grand Soleil 58

and the Vismara V100B “Bevivi” of which we have followed the construction.

Vismara V100


Vismara V100 Varo

Lastly, the Consorzio 345 motorboat was launched. It saws a procedure to check the stability calculations out of the ordinary; the Europen law considered the unit as a ship making all and complex and long.

Consorzio 345


Some statistics:
179 Boat surveys from September 2017 to June 2018
37 Claims including 21 relating to structural problems
18 Repair plans for shipyard and owners
10 new CE certified boats
2 new aluminum projects on the desk and some system-machinery studio and hulls body studio

Aluminium central cockpit

Aluminium CC 500

SAR 10m


The Vaporina II in Riva Daniele Yard-Como

New adventures for Aluaka who passed Greenwich leaving Greece for Portugal.
A beautiful direct transfer from 1200 miles has opened new horizons.

Many Thank to P.S. for the photos of Barbagianni during a Race, nice shoot.





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