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Minicruiser 650

Minicruiser 650


“Le C.” is a 650cm minicruiser born for a new owner that likes keep his boat in front of his house on Como’s Lake. Easy and with style, a nice boat to be cheap build using a layer of mahogany juts for the inner skin and fiblerglass for the finishing. A flush deck with longitudinal batten and a flat roof, all dark as the hull. The interior is jus a big locker, open space and small space for living. The boat is a real daysailer with the possibility to install and outboard engine on transom. A bulb keel with a draft of 1.60m for 300Kg and a tall mast of 10 mater make the boat faster in light air condition sailing up and downwind without jennaker too.

Lh- 6.50m B-2.50m D-1.60m Dils-1000Kg S.A. 26m2

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