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Una serata speciale a parlare di barche, lavori, navigazione e presentazione del libro LAVORI A BORDO.

VENERDI 26-2-2016 H 21.00  Confermare la prenotazione This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





You can find some sailing video of ALUAKA, Training video of small maintenance work, SKIP NOVAK video and other stories. Have fun!



With more than 1000 friend, it was time to be more presence. You can follow us, but please remebre i spend more time working that chatting.



Aka BV56 is almost ready! ETA for the launch is May-June




Futuna Explorer 54 finally  launched e tested!








16-6-2015 A New Yacht Born-Aluaka-Stadtship 54 Ac

After 13 months working, 300 hours driving, 5000 hours design, 3000 hours interior workingn, 3000 system and hardware working, with 15 days delay for mast builder delay, thank to Cantiere Zuanelli, Autostraporti Adbon Pedretti with 5 m height truck transport, ALUAKA, touch the water in the Harbour of Chioggia (Venice), Darsena Le Saline.

It took 5 hours to launch, preare and install the mast, boom and the solar panel arch under a 30°c sun already tested in the Zuanelli Yard.

Finally we get a bert and a nice rain drop all the night.It seams Ushuaia. Flag is on the pole and the Pantaenisu Insurance is ready.

Next month will be busy for sea trial.

On the truck of Abdon Pedretti Autotrasporti ready to go

At the dock with heavy rain.

Perfectly on the water line

On day 2 we have installed the Scantrust self leveling pole, wind gen, rope spools/drums, tune the mast and the Facnor furlers

Bimini and side covers, pilot house window covers set up!


Time to go home, see you next week.




Almost ready for the first “splash” of Aluaka, the Stadtship 54Ac. The carpenters have done a good job, not always easy. The major difficult they had, was to think how to make all the panels easy to disassembly and to bend the ceiling of the round shaped pilot house.

Most of the visitors on board don’t understand that the floor is made in rubber  with wood pattern. We say that is only rubber nobody believe us. Nice!

We had finish the plumbing with John Guest and we had fix all the small leaks and finally we decide to install a water heater, no Reflex and no hydronic webasto. It’s always possible, but for now, we would like to sail asap and kiss.

The Cnc Treadmaster has been the perfect choice to speed up the job for the antislip on deck. We used epoxy West System to glue it. A ncie job done in 5 days

We had the bad surprise that there was a missing weld on the day tank , the only one not tested (the Murphy ‘s law) and Milan our proud welder fix it. Hope no more surprise like this.

TheTecnosystem upholsterer  start  to make the template using a film for all the berth and the bimini, in one month I will have all the material, including the windscreen mesh to keep heat low under the pilot house glass when in the Med and Caribbean.

The Ce certificate is almost ready and finally we find the way to weld the keel in-house and transport the boat with 5 m height from the street, thank to Abdon Pedretti. The yard in Chioggia (venice) has been booked for June. We don’t know now for the holiday, sailing long the Croatian coast or straight to grece after the final boat tuning.

We are only waiting for the mast from Sparcraft ordered the 30th Oct…Hope will arrive!

(Last new the ETA was 16 April now shifted to the 4th of May…May be for the 10th we got the mast! Hope all Right.

The sails are on the way, we have just ordered the Ultra GLF  antiwtsit cable for the Asy and the Code.


A lot of changes in CN Valle Scrivia Srl, Some new people and I’m just back from Spectra Training Class in San Francisco.

We still busy with a lot of survey in used market and some new job on desk.


The cockpit with wood batten seat to stay dry and ventilated good in cold and hot climate


The pilt house bimini made in mesh will keep low the temperature on the glasees.The mesh will offer less wind resistance.

Please note the wood strip to make all the tread master panels at the same distance


Gluing the Treadmaster: check the panel size and space beewten, then grind the deck, set the panels and lay the tape leaving 1-2mm space around the treadmaster. Clena the panel, grind again the aluminium more gentle, cleaning with solvent then apply on both surface the resin. Stich them, adjust the panle in the tape template, then press it or roll it to debuble little bit of air, then make the edge smooth. This job need two persons.

The final job

The final Job (note Aka on the background)


A sharp view of the iteripor, see the fake wood floor. All the floor panels are insulated


The engine room




Happy SAILING FOR THE 2015 - I guess you a good trade wind, a new set of sails and a new place where stay safely at anchor


1st DECEMBER 2014



I’m the worst blogger. I didn’t update the news page from this summer, but there is a reason. We work and push the business very hard.

Aluaka has been spray with about 75mm 40Kg/mc foam on the side and 50mm on deck. The pilot house has been done with Armaflex 30mm. The boat has become quite and colder during summer and warmer now. We had paint the superstructure only. It will be the only paint. We choose to make the pilot house in red, just to obtain a better visibility from others. Then we install some hardware like the anchor winch, the G70 Aqua 7 from Maggi 100m-diameter 10mm chain and the 2500W-24V anchor winch. The carpenters had start working last week of Aguste and they start assembly the panel quickly. The wood supplier  is Belloti and the wood finishing is ALPI, so we don’t lose time in varnish. At the moment we are at 70% of the interior. We spend a lot of time searching a good floor. On our past boat we had a nice rubber, cork finished. Now we choose a laminated wood, very hard, able to support scratches from shoes.

We define the mast with Sparcraft G&G rigging with Facnor continuous furling lines for asymmetrical spinnaker, code Zero, Jib,Staysail and FB mainsail 4 reefs.

We start to install the electronics NKE autopilot with true wind option, the same used on Class 40 and Imoca 60 and B&G Triton display with forward scan. After year of good relationship we left Raymarine.

Last week our friend Milan finish to weld some details as the ropes spool, 2 x 150m floating nylon ropes 24mm and 2 x 150m 12mm dynema. We are learning how to splice from our friend Gianka.

We also pass a lot of tinned cables from Anchor and Spencer Marine arriving sometime from Asap supplier.

We install the two Lavac toilet, one manual and one electrical +manual.

We start to play with the treadmaster that is now under CNC. We will glued on deck after using an eccentric tool to sand the plate, then we will use West System to glued it. We made a sample and we kept in the oven and in the deep fridge passing from -30°c to +60°c to see how reacts.

We installed the seals in silicone at 0.4Kg/mc density on all lokers.

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The Gianka's boat is totally different from Aluaka and is very nice too. Two different beauties!

The bottom are quite the same, Aka 56 has a deeper V in front and has a reverse transom. The keel is moderate longer. The engine is 75hp with sail drive, and there are “only” 4  WT bulkhead.

The Pilot House has several small windows with 6+7+6mm double glass.


AKA 56


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