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Nyx 565 Cat

Nyx 565 Cat

After two other cat (Fredys 50  and Erik Lerouge 56) we have been involved to design before the system of this boat and then to follow the construction in China,, that has been done with our hands too. The third cat is now building in Turkey since a new partner is entered in the company. The project is a nice combination between professional Marco Casali (design) and Berret-Racopeau (hull and structure).

After 6 months of hard life in the yard the boat has been in  Cannes  2010, Genoa and Instabul 2010 with big success.

See the sea trial (i'm setting near the helm)


  • aNYX-52
  • aNYX-53
  • bNYX-1
  • bNYX-20
  • bNYX-32Small

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