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Project Management

Every time you do something new you will run into problems. That's the nature of life. So you will fully expected to encounter issues in the creation of a new yacht. Overall you will be very happy with how the boat ended up and you will enjoy the process of design and construction but find the great people, do the right project management will save a lot of time and money. Many friends will see what you are doing, and few of them will really help you. The major part are curious people, that just like talk and run your mind in doubt. Don’t care, it’s a game for someone.

Take care about the following to reduce troubles:

  • Time and Cost estimation-Normally are 20% more
  • Ballast & Trim. I always suggest to use load cell and check weight with me, do sea trial and adjust weight distribution. This is a standard for boat number one.
  • Heel test: Do it and check RM with mast supplier
  • Check, check. Don’t leave to the yard full power-decision, use a surveyor or talk with the designer how to improve the yard quality (more drawing, specification, plumbing design).
  • Small yard are more flexible and easy to control, but you need to supply more information and be sure they will do it according. Bigger yard are very well organized and you pay more, but this is good in case of resale of your boat.
  • Use qualify marine staff.

Build a new boat in Italy or abroad is possible, only if you know the place, the people, the resources and material that that area offer.  

We offer:

  • Set-up a one-off construction and a small yacht series
  • Supplier subcontractor choice and contract and problem solving
  • Training the team
  • Test and sea trial

 I'm been evolved as Technical manager, Technical director and Project manager in:

China: Small serie of 56' sailing catamaran
Refitting 65'
Small serie of 38' and 24' power boat
One-off- small boat
Dubai & Quatar:
One off 48' motor boat
Usa: Vector technolofy-Jenmar Group for a small boat

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