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Refitting & boat Manager

We study and planning the refitting with you, the yard and the crew, according to your request and with your budget.

Some refitting:

  • Ruy-1961-Venetian wood taxi boat rebuilt with Studio venelli-Kramer
  • Antarers-Sangermani 40- New wood deck
  • Grand Soleil 45- Delamination for hit
  • Millenium 40 fall down from cradle
  •  First 40.7 a damage on bottom for keel hit
  • Magnum 38-New deck (old one delaminated)
  • Perini Ortona 65- Full refitting, including the steel hull
  • Freya 45 Benello Full refitting
  • Swan 65- Osmossi and hull paint
  • New keel and new bottom for Sly 47
  • Grand Soleil 40 New bottom for delamination
  • Grand Soleil 46 Jezequel-Full refitting, mast floor broken
  • Phoenix 43-New bottom for delamination
  • Ovni 395- New forwrad hull and side for collision
  • First 40.7-Broken flors for hit with the keel
  • Camper & Nicholson 58- Refitting and World crusing preparation
  • HR 385-Refitting and World cruising preparation


List of refitting


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