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Yacht Design

We are well know for our one-off custom yacht and small series yacht, but not only, in fact we are appreciate from many builder and customer to follow their at 360°, since we know only working side by side we can get the yacht you want.

Many of our design are made in aluminium, since you don’t need mock up or plug for composite work and expensive labour cost for wood, however you will find in our portfolio different design and materials. Just aluminium for long distance yacht offer the benefit of a light and strength structure, easy to modified, if you need.
Our yacht are a mix of design, efficiency, low maintenance, seakeepig and performance, but manly stability and strength. We finish every drawing with a material list and a full specification that don’t leave you alone or in the hand of the builder. We like follow the boat from the concept to the final sea trial.
The big advance is to get a relation with one person, manage the budget and get a better quality with less stress. It’s happened that the customer became a yard or that the customer convert his factory in a yard. We are now specialized.

So we can design monohull, catamaran, power or sail explorer yacht, daysailer or costal boat. Send us an email with your idea and proposal and start a design brief.

Some Results

  • 2003-Violino, this skiff design has been second place  for Italian Yacht federation as official dinghy for sail school
  • First Italian Yacht Design to use in Usa closet mould tech
  • 2005 First hull designed for Volvo-IPS
  • 2006 Genoa Boat Show :Violino 18 - Aluwind 45
  • 2007 Genoa Boat Show  Sleeker 45 N° 1
  • 2008 Genoa Boat Show - Riva Jetto
  • 2008 Venice Boat Show- Euro 12
  • 2008 YYDA – Venice Boat Show Mention for design Maestrale 40 and Aluwind 56
  • 2009 Genoa and Cannes Boat Show -Nyx 565-Ocean Spirit GP46 - Sport Lunge 40 IPS- Sleeker 45 N°3
  • 2010 Venice and Verona Luxury Show—J Marine 960
  • 2011 Cannes Boat Show-Aluyacht 480
  • 2011 Friedrichshafen TT700






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