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Yacht Survey

Yacht Survey & Megayacht Survey

From 5 to 55m...more than 1000 model known

European leader in metal yacht controll-SAMPLE

A survey is the best way to check a boat before buying or during construction. Have a look to our boat list and to our sample to see what kind of defect can be found and at our refit page to see how we set the job. No problem to travel around the World. HAVE A LOOK BELOW FOR A REFERENCE BOAT LIST AND SOME MATERIAL NOTE

Davide Zerbinati is a Italian leader in boat survey, very famous in Italy and South French as marine engineering and sworn survey and non destructive test, as ultrasound or IR.  We follow you from the offer to the final delivery, checking contract, preliminary photos and legal aspect.

We check all kind of boat, for owners, company, brokers, yards, banks, leasing companies, insurances,lawyers having many authorisation from Court and Chambre of Commerce.

Our service is one of the most complete ed efficient in Europe, and we are working for several professional institute as Generali Italia e France, Alianz e Pantenius Insurance, April Yacht or Gruppo Medio Banca, Selmabipiemme,Claris Leasing, Banca Etica  and debt collection company as .

We can do special survey for only some part of the hull as: osmosis check, ultrasound (Audio gauge) controll for delamination, carbon mast check, corrosion test, plate thickness

We speak English,Italian, French, little German and good Spanish.

Title                  Naval Arch. & Marine Engineering, Yacht survey, Pleasure craft Yacht Designer, Safety Inspector for Udicer/Nautitest (notified
                         Body), Inspector for Ministry of Transport, member of Aspronadi and  Italian Surveyor
Certification     Non destructive test & Ultrasound level II- SNT-TC-1°- EN 473  Certificate N° Fg2323
                         Certificate for welding test  Prove 003037-UT-2C e EN 473-Composite material

Moisture readings  Soverign Moisture Master + Soverign 4.0
Digital Hammer     RD3 Tap Hammer 
Ultrasound            Epoc XT –Pulse Echo, A-scan,Calibration certificate
Infra Red (IR)       Flir 402B
Rigging                Pt-3M da 8 a 10mm 1x19wiring
Plate gauge          Sirius 5/10 and Vulcano Vlstc3000 till 400mm thickness over the paint
Corrosion:            Corrosion Test meter for aluminium, copper, bronze, steel, stainless steel

Other:                 E.Tester, Metal Thickness checker,penetrant liquid,paint film and gloss checker, laser level and digital level

Used Boat Survey
We check the age, functionality, efficiency of each part of the boat, explaining you what must be done firstt to set safety or reduce maintenance. Normally for boat less then 16m require a day and the moisture meter and ultrasound are included as standard on GRP hull. Bigger boat require more then a day. Have a look to: 

Underwater body survey and freeboard survey.
GRP-Composite-Wood Hull 

    • Removing of the antifouling layers to gelcoat or epoxy coat
    • Moisture check and blister check
    • Standard controll of keel and rudder area to search any defect or repair
    • For wood hull we can check all area thank to our gauge that can enter till 25mm in the wood
    • IR Check Flir
    • Audio gauge check
  • Metal Hull:
      • Ultrasound tickness survey (Audio gauge survey)
      • Corrsion test (Boat should be in the water and 220V or 110V must be availabe)
      • IR Check Flir
  • All Hull
  • Keel-rudder and propeller check 
  • Transom and deck check, specially for delamination
    Deck equipment and hardware survey
    Rigging and mast che (climbing on mast)
  • Sail check (better a sea trial to undestand the shape)
    Anchor, chain and windlass inspection
  • Engine test, temperature control, and sea trial
    • Oil test: We can do a laboratory test to see how much ppm of metal still in the engine oil. The oil must be used with 200 hours better. it will take 7 days to get the results and is a extra cost. Suggest on engine that have more then 800h.
    • For power boat we do a preliminary check on the engine. If we found any problem or we have doubt we will contact the engine-house to do other test, always under our supervision.
    • Corrosion for propellers and shaft 
  • Plumbing and system controll (Fresh water, Fuel, LPG, steering,waste, bilge, batteries and electrical…)
  • Interior survey (structural and for the layout) 
  • Kitchen survey.
  • Toilette survey
  • Safety equipment survey
  • Document and flag registry survey
  • Extra equipment survey
  • Sea trial: test consist in sailing (if windy), motor test and manovring test.
  • Immediate result and final report in few days. 


Non Destructive Test
Ultrasound test for composite and metal yacht, macros and micros laboratory analysis on GRP sample, infusion control and Xray for welding or rigging.Carbon mast control. SAMPLE

Damage survey or Insurance claim survey
Collision, transport, movement, meteo damage, total loss, sunk, the survey is a document that help you to start a procedure with insurance company and for the lawyer. In same cases can be used as start-up for a recover or a refitting.  DAMAGE SURVEY

Court-Legal Survey (Roman law)
Normally tehy are used in the court or for the lawyer. We can be consulntat for you or the  court as well. We have today done 34 suvey, winning all of them. We suggest to contact us before taking any decision, just to start in correct way.We assist your lawyer to set-up a building contract and specification.

Insurance and leasing survey
We check the safety and value f the yacht and his equipment. Sometime can require a court approval. We check the "work in progress" on the yard and the financial value. Insurance survey can be used we you have finished a refitting and you would like to increase your insurance value.

For a boat less then 16m, we need a full day. For a boat till 24meter we need 2 days. Over 24m, depeding from model and the crew avallability.


The most inspected boat are Sangermani and Craglietto.Many Sciarelli'S design from Tiziana IV to Italia, Dulcinea, Alnair and other sister ship or IOR one-off made in  cold moulde wood designed by Andrea Valicelli or Roberto Starkel. Don't forget the Beaufort 14 and 16, now over 40 year old.

Some motor boat made by Camuffo, Riva (Aquarama) and Posillipo.

The wood boat, made of planks or crossed planks require the maximum attention. We start from a historical research, kind of wood, it’s important to understand the decomposition, the moisture level, caulking, and the quality of the metals, manly under electrolysis corrosion.
We normally start with a Hammering Tap Test, IR check, Moisture check and corrosion test and in the end a knife test.

Max attention on mast and on the frames, specially were extremely curved and where the radius can be cracked.

The boat made in could molded, plywood or bottom treated with epoxy and kevlar/fiberglass we need to use ultrasound to check the bonding.

One of the biggest trouble is a deck water leak, with decomposition or mushes at beam or other problem of the keel floors. The keel bolts need some time be replaced.

The most survey yachts are Ovni 32,Ovni 345 Ovni 385 e Ovni 43 e Ovni 435 follow by Garcia Passoa 43-46, Noaunni 43-47, Passoa 47 and Passoa 50.There are some design ofi CARROF,some VULCAIN V and Atalntis or Chatam di Dujardin.
Some old hull built in Italy by Ambrosini, Puccinelli (Impala), Griggio  and Anodica Trevigiana, (Alfeo Scatolin Design) or some Reve de Tropique and Reve de Antilles, built by Officine Navali di Pesaro by the collegue Ing. Marco Cobau.

We have experience with differnt yard as  META,with Dalu in strongall  or Petit Monde or  the OUTREMER 33 designed by Jubert & Nivelt or J.P. Brunus. Some French or Dutch custom boat as Petit Prince of Langevin, and Tecnicomar ed Alliage 44 e Alliage 41, JNF 38, JFA 45, Universal Yachting,Kanter Yacht, Via 42  and somei Van De Stadt Design, manly Samoa 47, Tasman 48, Madeira 44 and many VDS 34 and other many hull deisgned by Dick Zaal and Dick Koopmans, built by  Mekon, Hutting Yachts (40 e 45) in steel or aluminum and some old Royal Huisman or Nordkaaper 40-43. Some Reinke 45 e Reinke 40, Nordsee 47 Swing Keel  manly survey on Nord See. We have good relation ship with many designer as Angelo Lavranos,Bruce Roberst, Dudly Dix.
A metal boat require big attention to the hull bottom plate with audio gauge inspection, electrical/ground dispersion and corrosion check, electrical system control and tank inspection. Care for keel connection and some weilding area. Not all the boat have a nice bilge inspection or interiors disassembly an this is a big limit.

The Carbon and Kevlar are difficult material. I the past we have some many racing yacht born for many races, IOR, Admirals and many of these boats are delaminated by stress or poor lamination. THE main difference depending by Who was the builder? and how the boat has been used. We had check some Class 40, some old Open 60-Imoca, second or third generation, including the Moana 60. It's very important to get the lay-up drawing for a best survey.


It's another World. In the past there are few and many England concept, with a small cockpit, small main and big genoa. The most view are the Prout, manly the Prout 33 and Prout 37 and 39, Snowgoose 35 andProut 50 Quasar or Quest 31. Most commercial and modern are Lagoon 41 and 44 and old series of Privilege di Jeantot, manly the Privilege 45.
Some Belize 43 by Fountaine Pajot, Catana 43 e Catana 42, BroadBlue 385 Catamaran, Fredys 46 and Outremer 45 some one  off or ex Charter by Moorings build in South Africa.
We receive some assignment by Ralf Wiese
We have survey a trimaran Quorning Dragonfly 35I
The keys point are the delamination in the main “navicelle” and beam connection.

Most inspected boats are  Rustel, Starlight 35 by Bowman ,Sadler 32, i Moody 44, Moody Eclypse, Moody 36,Southerly 105, Bowman 45 e 48 and many Westerly (Discus 33,Ocean 35, Ocean Lord 41 and older). Some Camper & Nicholson,  C&N 32 al C&N 44 and C&N 48.
Special note for some Oyster (Oyster 53)
Some Colvic Craft and a  Warrior 38
These boats are very good construction or amateur construction. You should like narrow boat and good seagoing. They are offshore vessel, some with double keel.

The most view are Hallberg Rassy, Najad e Aphrodite , Swan, Baltic e Sitala (Nauticat  33 e Nauticat 44), follow Regina Of Vindo 43, i Vindo 32, Vindo 40 and Vindo 50, l’ Albin Vega, l’Albin 34. They are very well built boat, but very old and the teak deck require special attention. A note for some Deerfoot  by Scandi Yacht,  Comfortina and Sweden, manly Sweden 39  and Sweden 41 and Sweden 45 or the beautiful Jonmeri, and at the end Maxi and Fjord (Fjord 33 MS).

In contact with Bob Perry for some Italian and American customer we had check some Valiant 40, many Tayana 37 ketch or sloop, Tayana 52, Ta Chiao 54 or CT 54 too and  Cheoy Lee and Scorpio 72,KP44 (Kelly Peterson 44). Long keel boat, double enders, big thickness, massive teak every where. Boat for every Ocean.. Some big Tayana as the Tayana 48, with interior made by Cantiere Pier 12 of Ravenna


Tartan 4300 ,C&C 41, Hunter, Catalina, Island Packet, Morris Yacht, Morgan Yachts, Cabo Rico, Caliber, Irwin Yacht (65 e 37) and Little Harbor, Alden Yacht, Cherubini, Shannon Yachts, Able Marine ,Cal, Cambria 44, Chris Craft ,Columbia,Gulfstar,Sabre,Saga, Pacific Sea Craft e Hans Christian (41 e 48) are the most famous boat we saw in the Med, but manly going in USA.

In the Med everything is floating: Grand Soleil, Comet, Delphia, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Dromor,Waquiez,Dufour, Pogo Structures,RM, X-Yachts,Bavaria, or experinece start from older models as Jeanneua Trinidad 48 or Grand Soleil 39 and46 di Jezequel, il Comet 420 or  older Comet 13 or Comet  111,till the recent series of the Sun Odyssey 42i with the Prisma infused deck, or the First. Many Elan specially the older Elan 31 and l’Elan 43, till modern 333 or Impressium, and other Spanish model as Endurance 35 Peter Ibold, Belliure, or Sirocco 31 by Angus Primerose, or some Carter 33 by Olympic Marine or beautiful Feeling  Kiriè or Trintella.

The World is full of boat

Or Job is not limited to small craft or medium Yacht, but we are able to check MEGA YACHT, classic or modern, in wood or metal or composite.

The places manly visited are Palma of Maiorca, Monaco, Valencia, Antibes,Atene, Genova, Viareggio, Roma

Thsi is a small list of Surveyd Yachts:

  • Sy K&M BESTEVAER 56 Hull and welding controll
  • Sy 33mt-100ft Carbon built in Poland
  • SY 24m ketch- Lazy Jacques  built by Pendennis in Aluminium
  • SY 27m EMI built by Sangermani in 1955-Mahogany Sapelli
  • SY AGLAIA- 2002-Ocean Phoenix 77-Perizia Preliminare
  • SY STAR 78 Base Nautica Stella Polare-Cold Moulded Wood
  • SY CN BIOT Spirit of TUSCANY, ketch 27m, aluminum.
  • SY ESTE 94- Only hull after construction
  • Sy BALTIC 82 Midnight


  • MY Darwin 86-03 Cantiere delle Marche
  • MY Castagnola 33-Margherita
  • SAN LORENZO 96 N°606
  • MY ADMIRAL 44m -2011- Cantieri di Lavagana-Aluminum
  • MY 28m COSTAGUTA-Lady Sara- (ex Sara)- Costaguta 1965-Wood
  • MY 50M BENETTI Don Pablo-Steel
  • MY GUY COACH 24m-1981-FRB+Wood
  • MY FALCON 102-Koema II-2005-Composite
  • MY BENETTI 23m-1980-Stell
  • MY CBI NAVI50m-2012- Aluminum
  • MY TUG BOAT FREDRIKSTAD 1968- Corten steel+aluminum deck
  • My POSILLIPO 85-2005- 2 EPIPLEON
  • MY ADMIRAL 44m -2011- Cantieri di Lavagana-Aluminum

And a middle size Yachts

  • SY Goletta STEIN 22m-NASHIRA
  • SY Camper & Nicholson 58
  • SY SWAN 651
  • SY NORTH WIND 58 Nostress me
  • SY SOLARIS 72 Terra di mezzo
  • SY Amel Super Maramu-Red Line e 54
  • SY CIGALE e Levrier De mer  18 a 16 Le Guen et Hémidy MarineSY
  • SY 56 Birillo-Base Nautica Stella polare-Wood+Carbon
  • SY BILL LEE 53
  • SY BALTIC 55
  • SY JONGERT 17S Ketch (varius)
  • SY X-562

 A IR 30m Sangermani control. See the humidity and some insert-replaced plank on left photo


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